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"Bolero is doing great in his training. He is very mellow and was easy to start. Loves attention, loves trails and arena work. He has the attitude to be the all around horse, whether it is showing, (or)trails. I feel like once his training is done he will easily be a beginner safe horse and a horse my husband can ride and future horse for my daughter. He has such a great mind.  Our only problem is my non-horse husband has now fallen in love with him, and Bolero loves him, (so) that I think I lost my future show horse."

"Ixava, has all the makings, and while Raja is noble and arrogant (Dam), she is playful and inquisitive.  I have been working on working equitation/cowboy challenge type obstacles with her (in hand) and she is incredibly brave – there is nothing she won’t try and approaches anything you throw at her with great courage and enthusiasm – in fact I can see it will be a challenge in her training to keep her interested!"

 "Caetana has grown up to be a lovely and loving mare. She is very sweet but feisty!" (Michele has shown her a number of times at shows/exhibitions as a good example of an Azteca)."

Xato's Foals


"Zarina is by the far the bravest and friendliest horse I've ever had and has been from day 1. She is the first to greet you with a horsie smile and eager to please. When it comes to training her, she has a very willing temperament and an eagerness to please you, along with her natural athleticism, makes her the ultimate horse! "

XATO 7R       APSL  Lusitano Stallion at Stud