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   Xato 7R is a classically built 15.3 hand Buckskin Lusitano stallion in the Stud books of both Portugal and Brazil.  He was imported from Brazil.  He has substantial bone without being heavy, and a handsome masculine head.  Topping it all off is his metallic gold coat. 

    Xato (CHA-toe) is athletic, with balanced gaits, good impulsion, and free shoulder movement. He is focused under saddle with a great work ethic.  He has the excellent, trainable mind Lusitanos are so well known to possess.  His temperament is sweet, and respectful.  

   As if all that were not enough, he has the added bonus of a spectacular metallic golden buckskin coat!  His color is absolutely stunning, and that, along with excellent conformation, a gorgeous head, and his height, makes him the perfect package.  


About....  Xato 7R



Xato 7R's bloodlines are heavily influenced by the bullfighting Veiga lines.  His sire is the legendary Donaire, son of Quimono, a well known stallion in Portugal. 

XATO 7R       APSL  Lusitano Stallion

 Sired by  the legendary Donaire, (above) son of Quimono,from Portugal.  

Dam's GrandSire, BABEL

Xato's dam Olinda do Arete comes from the great chestnut stallion, Babel, one of the most famous stallions to ever come to Brazil, bred by Ortigao Costa, who is well known for producing exceptional dressage horses.  


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